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Real Estate WDI Report

The purpose of the report is to inform the new owner about the presence of any wood destroying insects, whether past or present, and about the probability of infestation in the future. The primary insects of concern are Termites, Carpenter Ants and wood boring Beetles. The actual inspection is mainly based on visual evidence of past activity, or present findings of live insects. The inspector also makes an evaluation of whether “conducive” conditions exist that may greatly increase the chance that these pests will someday attack the wood, or wood based, structure.

Why Get A WDI?

Suburban Pest Services has been inspecting Northern Virginia homes and businesses for these Wood Destroying Insects for 30 years. Our experience and training assures that a thorough inspection will be performed. All too often the WDI Report is overlooked, or put off until the last minute before the closing on the sale of the property. Since there are very few Pest Control Providers that have the experience to write the WDI Reports, the closing often can be delayed by days, or even weeks, especially if it is deemed that a treatment will be needed to correct infestation problems.


Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (WDI's) or Wood Destroying Organism Inspections (WDO) are written reports performed by a qualified pest management professional. WDI/WDO inspections are required to buy, sell or refinance a property. Sometimes they're called a “clearance letter” or a “termite letter”.

VA, FHA, HUD and most banks require these reports because termites and wood-destroying organisms can impact the structural integrity of a home, reduce the property value of the residence, and cost homeowners significant amounts of money in repairs.

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